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Q - I have received a Single Justice Procedure (SJP/Summons), what do I need to do?

A - You must respond to the SJP direct to the court, indicating a guilty or not guilty plea. The contact details for the court should be shown on the paperwork sent to you. If you ignore the SJP the case may be dealt with in your absence.

Please note nomination of driver details cannot be accepted by the Courts or by the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership after the matter has been listed for a court hearing and the process cannot be reversed to offer a course or the fixed penalty option of a payment of the fine & penalty points.
Q - Why have I received an SJP?

A - You will not have the option of a fixed penalty and your case will be referred direct to court if:


  • The recorded speed is so high that a fixed penalty is not appropriate
  • You have nine or more points on your driving licence and further endorsements make you liable for disqualification
  • Your licence was not valid at the time of the alleged offence
  • You have not responded to previous correspondence

Q - Do I have to attend?

A - The matter is normally heard in your absence, unless you have entered a not guilty plea or you have requested to attend court., in which case you will be notified of a further court hearing which you should attend. If you fail to attend this hearing, the matter will proceed in your absence.

Q - Will I get the same penalty at Court?

A - The Magistrates have a scale that they follow for penalty points, this may be higher than the original 3 penalty points you have been offered with the fixed penalty and the fine may differ as this is based on your income. In addition, there will also be court costs and a victim surcharge payable.

Q - What happens at Court?

A - If you have requested to attend Court, you should aim to arrive half an hour before your court time. There are listings for each court room, and you will find your name listed for the court room that you are in. On arrival you need to notify the usher that you have arrived, so they know to call you in. The time is given to each person listed for that sitting and you may have to wait for your case to be heard. If you want to put any mitigating circumstances forward as to why you should not be disqualified, please ensure you have any relevant documentation with you.

There are West Yorkshire Police Court Support Officers in attendance, who are available to speak to and can check any documentation you have brought for example, Insurance documents.


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