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Conditional offer and how to pay

I’ve received a conditional offer, what does this mean?

Once a driver has been identified, in some cases it is possible to deal with the offence by fixed penalty procedures and the driver will then be sent a Conditional Offer.

This states that the matter can be completed without referral for court proceedings, providing all aspects of the Conditional Offer are met- by payment of a fixed penalty (currently £100) and a driving licence endorsement of three points, subject to the following conditions:

  • There are not more than 8 penalty points already on the driver's licence.
  • That the licence was issued in the UK by the DVLA and is valid for the type of vehicle.
  • That the recorded speed is less than that which must be dealt with by court.
  • That the licence is submitted within 28 days, together with a completed statement from the driver and payment of the £100 fixed penalty. Please ensure that if you have a photocard licence, that the issue number for both parts match.

You do not have to accept the fixed penalty, you may still elect to go to court, please tick the box on the Conditional Offer, requesting a court hearing and return.


I am a new driver, will I lose my licence?

This is a decision that is made by the DVLA, however it is probable that If you receive 6 or more penalty points in the first two years after gaining your full licence, they will revoke your licence and you will be required to retake your practical and theory tests.


Can I have a higher fine and no penalty points?

If you receive a fixed penalty, the fine is set by the government and therefore it is not negotiable. The penalty set by the government for the offence of speeding or contravention of a red traffic light is currently £100 and 3 penalty points.


Can I pay by instalments?

Your payment must be for the full fixed penalty amount of £100. Unfortunately there is
no facility for paying by instalments, you do have the option to have the matter heard at court, where you can make an offer to pay in instalments, however this would attract perhaps a higher fine, costs and surcharge.


How can I pay?

Pay Online

Please follow the link : https://penaltynotice.homeoffice.gov.uk

To make a payment online you will need the following information.

  • Your 16 Digit Reference
  • Your Offence Code
  • Your Offence Date

You MUST send your Driving Licence along with the rear of the Conditional Offer to HMCTS Regional Fixed Penalty Office at the address below, in order to have penalty points added, which is an integral part of the fixed penalty offer, failure to do so may result in the matter being referred to a court hearing.

Please Note

If you decide to use an unofficial website, you do so at your own risk. You may be putting your payment details at risk and ultimately the ticket will not be paid – HM Courts & Tribunal Service will not be liable if you use an unofficial website.


Pay By Phone

0300 1231 481 – 24 hour automated payment line

To make a payment using the 24 hour payment line will need the following information

  • Your 16 Digit Reference


Pay by Cheque or Postal Order

Please ensure that cheques/postal orders are made payable to HMCTS with your 16 Digit Reference written on the reverse and send it to :

HMCTS Regional Fixed Penalty Office
PO BOX 223
LS27 1DN

You must enclose your driving licence with all postal payments.

Please note that post-dated cheques will not be accepted. Do not send cash through the post.

Once paid - through ANY of the above methods please send your driving licence along with the rear of the combined notice to:
HMCTS Regional Fixed Penalty Office
PO BOX 223
LS27 1DN

Any enquiries relating to the payment or your licence must be directed to HMCTS Regional Fixed Penalty Office on 0113 307 6642



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