West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

Frequently requested information

In relation to the Smart Motorways within West Yorkshire, when the speed limit signs change from one speed to another, are you penalised straight away or is there delay?

There is a delay when the speed signals change, the cameras shut down and do not commence enforcement until all of the checks and signs have been verified. Only when this has been done, does enforcement commence.

We are not able to give the period of delay as this would undermine policing purpose, but no motorist will be penalised when the speed limits are in the process of changing.

This ensures motorists are given time to adjust their speed and no unfair or invalid prosecutions take place.


How many Fixed Speed Cameras (not including motorway average speed systems) does West Yorkshire Police operate?

West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership currently have 392 fixed speed enforcement camera sites across the force area, where enforcement may take place.


How many drivers have been issued fixed penalties since the introduction of the managed motorway on the M62 between Junctions 28 & 27?

Exceed a variable speed limit - automatic camera device 
Between Junctions 27 & 28 Eastbound663
Between Junctions 28 & 27 Westbound6
Between Junctions 27 & 28 Eastbound1034
Between Junctions 28 & 27 Westbound1975
Between Junctions 27 & 28 Eastbound461
Between Junctions 28 & 27 Westbound815


Speeding - exceed 70mph motorway limit - automatic camera device  
Between Junctions 27 & 28 Eastbound117
Between Junctions 28 & 27 Westbound77
Between Junctions 27 & 28 Eastbound1082
Between Junctions 28 & 27 Westbound1037
Between Junctions 27 & 28 Eastbound335
Between Junctions 28 & 27 Westbound149


These tables show numbers of offences where we sent out a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty Notice or Combined Course Offer and Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty Notice for the 2 different offences captured by the cameras on the Managed Motorway. We have the Exceed a variable speed limit - automatic camera device offence which applies when the speed limit on the managed motorway has been reduced and is displayed on the gantries and Speeding - exceed 70 mph motorway limit - automatic camera device offence which applies when the national speed limit is in place. This reply covers offences committed from 21st June 2017 (when we first started using the cameras) until 30th June 2019


How many mobile speed cameras does West Yorkshire Police operate?

West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership currently has four mobile safety camera enforcement vehicles, enforcing in areas identified as high risk of collisions in all of West Yorkshire.


What model and brand of mobile camera equipment is used by West Yorkshire Police?

West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership use the Truvelo laser witness lite (Pro-Laser 3) mobile enforcement camera.


Does the operator of a West Yorkshire Police mobile speed camera have to be a qualified Police Officer?

All mobile operators are West Yorkshire Police support staff, who have been fully trained and are authorised by the Chief Constable.


What are the specific qualifications or training certifications required by mobile operators?

All mobile enforcement operators are trained and certified by the manufacturer of the camera equipment.


If suitably qualified to operate the device, is there any legislation or law prohibiting a member of the public from operating a Speed Camera ?

Members of the public can attend locations in company with local police officers or PCSO’s to assist with the operating of the speed enforcement equipment but only police officers or staff who have been granted delegated authority by the chief constable can use the equipment for prosecution purposes.

Members of the public cannot use the equipment for prosecutions as they do not work for the enforcement body (West Yorkshire Police) and have no power in law.


How many Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIP’s) were sent to speeding drivers in the West Yorkshire Police catchment area in the last two years and what percentage were given a fixed penalty or sent to court?

YearNIPSFixed PenaltyCourseCourt


What is the gross income for West Yorkshire Police for camera fines?

With regard to ‘West Yorkshire Police income’, for speed camera offences, eligible drivers are offered a speed awareness course as an alternative to a conditional offer (fine and 3 points) or the option of going to court.  Drivers who accept this course option pay the course fee which covers the cost of the course delivery and the cost of administration associated with camera operations undertaken by West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership. Any operating surplus is reinvested in road safety activity by the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership. West Yorkshire Police receives no additional proceeds from course referrals beyond cost recovery undertaken in accordance with the national cost recovery arrangements.

In cases where drivers accept either a conditional offer or are found guilty at court, any fine imposed is paid to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) and passes directly to HM Treasury. No fine monies pass directly back to the Police or Partnership.