West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

Mobile speed enforcement



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Mobile speed enforcement is provided by the West Yorkshire Police Camera Enforcement Unit on behalf of West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership.

Enforcement is undertaken at Core sites and Community concern sites with reference to the criteria contained within the Safety Camera Partnership deployment strategy (effective from February 2023): 

Core camera sites generally have a high incidence of both casualties and speeding vehicles, but analysis indicates that frequent mobile enforcement is the most advantageous method for reducing casualties and speed

Community concern sites generally do not meet the core site selection criteria as they may have less of a collision and casualty issue. They are usually identified by a local authority under their speed management assessment process, often following complaints from a local community. These sites typically suffer from a degree of speed limit non-compliance which is anti-social and intimidating and could also contribute to an increase in the number or severity of collisions. The assessment is nevertheless evidence led to determine the scale of the problem. 

The enforcement vehicles use equipment that is type-approved by the Home Office. The equipment uses a laser which operates effectively in a wide range of weather and light conditions, enabling enforcement throughout the year. Equipment is calibrated according to Home Office and manufacturers requirements and checks are completed by the specially trained operators prior to use.

Enforcement can be expected at any of the lengths for concern at any time, 7 days a week. Our vehicles are highly visible and do not operate covertly.

Signs warning of speed camera enforcement activity may or may not be present and are not required in law. The absence of enforcement signage has no bearing on the enforcement of offences detected using safety cameras and does not provide mitigation of, or defence for, an alleged offence committed under current UK law. Our aim is to encourage safe speeds across the road network and not simply in the vicinity of cameras.

The key purpose of mobile enforcement is to prevent collisions.