West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

Motorway camera locations

Motorway at night

Managed or ‘Smart’ motorways were introduced by National Highways to monitor and manage the safe flow of traffic on our motorways.

The West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership works with National Highways to enforce speed limits on the managed motorway network which includes the enforcement of variable speed limits. The aim of enforcement on the motorway network is the prevention of casualties and promoting the safety of all users of the network.

Variable speed limits can be adjusted by National Highways to help the flow of traffic and reduce ‘stop-start’ traffic jams, or in response to a hazard or incident on the roads.

A variable speed limit displayed inside a red circle on the overhead gantries on the managed motorways network is legally enforceable. When it is no longer in force, the national speed limit sign will be displayed. If there are no speed limits displayed inside a red circle, then the national speed limit applies.

The Partnership also work with national Highways during planned roadwork schemes on the motorways where temporary average speed camera systems may be introduced to protect the workforce and other road users for the duration of works. Such temporary schemes are separately signed and are legally enforceable.


  • Northbound - Between Junctions 39 and 40
  • Southbound - Between Junctions 40 and 39



  • Eastbound - Between Junctions 26 and 27
  • Eastbound - Between Junctions 27 and 28
  • Westbound - Between Junctions 28 and 27
  • Westbound - Between Junctions 27 and 26
  • Westbound - Between Junctions 26 and 25