West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

Fixed cameras

Car driving

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Fixed cameras are used to detect speeding offences and red-light violations. They are installed to encourage driver compliance in order to protect all road users. Enforcement sites are identified and prioritised using an evidenced based approach that incorporates reference to casualty and traffic flow (speed compliance) data as detailed in the Partnership Deployment Strategy effective from February 2023.

Core camera sites have been established in accordance with the relevant criteria at the time the enforcement length was set up. Enforcement is undertaken overtly using high visibility cameras that also provide a visible deterrent. Our camera's are placed in conspicuous locations on operating lengths.

West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership uses a range of fixed camera types across the county, all of which are approved by the Home Office and are calibrated before enforcement. Cameras may be ‘spot speed’ or average speed systems. The Partnership also deploys red-light and combined red-light/speed detection devices to address collision risks at junctions associated with red-light violations.

Fixed safety cameras are placed in areas that have been identified as having a high-risk of collisions, using data analysis carried out by Local Authority Highways teams. Traffic flow surveys are carried out to ensure enforcement is necessary and each site is carefully assessed to ensure that the use of automated speed detection cameras is appropriate to the setting.

Not all cameras require line markings on the road. Some use radar and have no other forms of road markings, others require sensors in the carriageway.

Where there are white lines positioned on the carriageway before or after the camera, these white lines are used during processing. They do not calculate the speed, the speed travelled is measured by the actual camera equipment, the lines are only used as a secondary check during the processing of the offence.

Signs warning of speed camera enforcement activity may or may not be present and are not required in law. The absence of enforcement signage has no bearing on the enforcement of offences detected using safety cameras and does not provide mitigation of, or defence for, an alleged offence committed under current UK law.

Our aim is to encourage safe speeds across the road network and not simply in the vicinity of cameras.