West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

What we do

Road at speed

Our purpose is to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the roads of West Yorkshire by reducing the level and severity of speeding and red light offences and to improve driving standards through education and enforcement.

We do this by installing road safety improvement measures at the worst casualty hotspots. These measures are for all road users and include installation of speed control safety cameras, mobile police camera patrols, and traffic signal cameras.

Speed and red light violation cameras play an important role in reducing road casualties. Roads where cameras are present consistently see accident reduction rates that are better than the rest of the road network.

Speed enforcement combats antisocial speeding, contributing towards safer communities.

We are a partnership of the five metropolitan district councils of Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield along with West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Magistrates' Court Service and the Highways Agency.