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Fixed Camera Locations

Collision Statistics

These locations are accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to alteration without further notice.
Location M62 Smart motorway section of M62 eastbound
From junction 25 through to junction 30
Site Live Date 2016
Speed Limit Variable
Average Speed N/A
% Above Limit N/A
85th Percentile
Offence Number: Not Available
Map Map Link

Notes on Offence Rankings

- Each location is ranked using the weekly average number of offences grouped into high, medium and low categories for the most recent calendar year for which the data has been finalised.
- Some locations will have a low ranking because they were inactive for some of, or were not commissioned until after, the year by which they have been ranked.
- The ranking system is at least one calendar year in arrears as figures are not finalised until pending court cases and driver identifications are resolved. Consequently, the information for the previous year will not be uploaded until the last quarter of the current year.

Camera Locations