WYCRP - Working to save lives & reduce injuries on local roads

Welcome to West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership

Our task is to reduce the toll of deaths and serious injuries on our local roads.

On average* there are 65 fatal accidents on the roads in West Yorkshire every year, there are 823 serious accidents every year. We are committed to reducing this number. To make this happen, the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership provides enforcement services for the Local Authorities and Highways England in West Yorkshire in accordance with their road safety priorities.

While reasonable effort is made to ensure the information on this website is up to date and accurate, inaccuracies in data or non- compliance with guidelines has no bearing on the enforcement of offences detected by the use of safety cameras and does not provide mitigation of, or defence for, an alleged offence committed under UK law.

* based on 10 year average figures 2006 to 2015