West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership

Received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP)

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) 

You need to complete the form and return it. If the information is not provided within 28 days, the recipient of the form could be liable to prosecution for failure to provide driver details. Courts can impose 6 penalty points and a £1000 fine for this. Guidance on how to complete the NIP.

If you were the driver, naming someone else constitutes an offence of Perverting the Course of Justice, which carries the very real possibility of a jail sentence or substantial fine.

Details of the alleged offence, including photographs, calibration certificate and details of the device used can be found here please log in as instructed on the Notice.


  1. What if I wasn’t driving the vehicle?
    Please fill out the part of the NIP nominating the correct the person.

  2. What if I don’t believe it was my vehicle?
    Please contact us so that we can check the details of your vehicle against the offending vehicle. If there is a discrepancy, appropriate action will be taken and you will be advised accordingly. If there is no discrepancy then you may be required to provide written proof confirming the whereabouts of your vehicle on the date in question.

  3. What if the person driving the vehicle has left the county?
    In this instance you may be requested to provide proof that the person exists, was in the country at the time of the offence and that the driver has returned abroad or has gone abroad for an indefinite period. You may also be requested to prove that the person was insured to drive the vehicle at the time of the offence.

    If you are unable to provide this information you may still be prosecuted for failure to supply the details of the driver or Permitting No Insurance.

  4. What if I recently sold the vehicle?
    If you have not informed the DVLA of the sale by completing the appropriate part of the V5 registration document, you remain responsible for the vehicle. If this has been done but DVLA records still show you as the keeper, please fill out the relevant parts of the Notice with details of who you sold the vehicle to.

  5. If I get a ticket and don’t sign the paperwork, can I still be prosecuted?
    Anyone who doesn’t sign the paperwork will have it returned to them to complete. If you still refuse to sign, then you will receive a summons to court for failure to provide the requested information. This could result in a much higher penalty than would have originally been imposed.

  6. Am I incriminating myself if I sign the notice? Does it infringe my human rights?
    No. The European Court of Human Rights has dismissed this argument.



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