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Educational Courses (Speed Awareness Courses)

Educational Courses – Frequently Asked Questions

How long have I got to complete my course?
You must attend and successfully complete the course within 120 days of the date of your offence. The Police retain the right to withdraw a course offer at any time up to the point that you have successfully completed the course. Please also bear in mind that if you book a course close to your 120 day deadline and do not attend, it will not be possible to rearrange another course.


Will I need my Driving Licence with me when I attend on the day of the course?
When you arrive at the course venue, you will be required to produce your Driving Licence for validation against the course attendance register. Failure to produce a paper Driving Licence with additional photographic identification or a photo card licence may disqualify you from participating any further and the matter may revert to criminal proceedings.


Do I need to inform the police once I have completed my course?
No, on successful completion we will be notified automatically and no further action will be taken.


Will the police arrange my course for me?
No, the onus is on the motorist to book and pay for the course - Not the Police


Educational Course Providers
A full list of Speed Awareness Course providers around the UK




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